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Just an update on the ol’ growing out of the undercut!

That first picture is the colour + cut I’m aiming to have when most of my undercut as grown out - but I still want to maintain a small shaved bit in front of my ear because I hate my baby hair there and I don’t think I could stand just having a bob haha. I don’t think I’ll bleach my growing out undercut for a long time though, I’d like to rock a weird-not-quite “half and half” look with bleach blonde one side and my natural dark ash blonde on the other side!

The second picture is identical to how my hair was before I decided to start growing out my undercut (except my undercut goes all the way around to the back of my head, with my blonde hair sitting over it). My undercut started out as a number 1 clipper cut - and is now approximately 1.5 inches long!!

It’s been 9 weeks


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